Episode 3 – The Civil War Part 1

The Civil War

The Civil War

Only two weeks after the spontaneous revolution of March 18th, 1871, France declared war on Paris.

While Parisian soldiers outnumbered French soldiers by maybe 200 000 to 30 000, Paris decided not to attack Versailles. Paris saw their new Commune as a local government, and residents didn’t want to control national politics. However, national politics would come to them.

When France began shelling Paris in the beginning of April, the Commune decided to march out and attack Versailles. The result was a disaster. Paris’ attack was beaten back on all fronts, and several Parisian generals were killed during the assault.

Paris cycled through several different Delegates of War, but none were able to turn the tide. France besieged Paris, and the Civil War was almost finished before it had even begun.

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